How To: Packet Capture VPN Debug on Checkpoint Gaia

VPN Setup Checkpoint

[Expert@FW01]# vpn debug trunc
[Expert@FW01]# vpn debug off
[Expert@FW01]# ls
[Expert@FW01]# cd $FWDIR
[Expert@FW01]# ls
ICS bin doc oracle_oi state
SU boot hash policy sup
amw cisco lib postfix_install tmp
amw_kss conf log sclient uf
appi cyrus_sasl_install modules scripts well
aspam_engine_install database nac spool
av dlp nacportal srpkg
[Expert@SSYDFW01]# cd log
[Expert@FW01]# ls
ike.elg ldap_pid_5014.stats
[Expert@FW01]# ftp
ftp> o
Connected to (
220 3Com 3CDaemon FTP Server Version 2.0
Name ( anonymous
331 User name ok, need password
230-The response ” is not valid.
230-Next time, please use your email address as password.
230 User logged in
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> lcd /var/log/opt/CPsuite-R75.40/fw1
ftp> lcd
Local directory now /var/log/opt/CPsuite-R75.40/fw1
ftp> put ike.elg

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